Why You Should Not Let Anyone Stand By You When Cooking


On today’s episode of Honest but irrelevant content, we are going to discuss Why You Should Not Let Anyone Stand By You When Cooking.

This content is especially for those who despise having company in their kitchen while they cook.

1.They give uninvited opinions

When people enter your kitchen, instead of keeping their mouths shut and letting you do your cooking they’ll be talking about how you didn’t add enough salt or when to add each ingredient at any point in time. When they’re around, it’s as if you are now learning how to cook.

2. They make the kitchen hotter than usual

The kitchen is an enclosed area and sufficiently warm due to the burners and boiling food. Now, an annoying person will opt to join you in the kitchen as you prepare and come and give unsolicited advice. Don’t come and suffocate me in my own kitchen

3. That’s when mysterious things happen

Have you ever noticed that it is when two people are in the kitchen that disasters happen. From breaking of plates, to the gas running out, and two cups of salt mysteriously falling into the soup.

Do you now understand the adage too many cooks spoil the broth? 

4. they turn into food tasters and finish your food even before you are done

By the time you are done frying, they would have chewed all of your meat and plantains all in the name of “I’m tasting.”

Why You Should Not Let Anyone Stand By You When Cooking

we hope you enjoyed this episode, visit this space for more of such contents.

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