Why is Ghana the Only Country Writing WASSCE in August?


Why is Ghana the Only Country Writing WASSCE in August? This is the question that most people keep on asking. Fortunately, this article will answer this hanging question.

Five West African nations, namely Ghana, the Gambia, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone take the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) annually.

However, Due
to the
Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020, the examination dates moved from May/June to September/October.

After the pressures of the the pandemic appeared to have subsided, except for Ghana, all of the west African nations that take part in the WASSCE shifted their Exams dates back to May/June.

As it stands now,
all of the participating nations have already finished their examination. Hopefully, in August, Ghana will also takethe examination.

Why is Ghana the Only Country Writing WASSCE in August?

Mrs. Addy-Lamptey, who is in charge of Ghana’s National WAEC office, says the Ministry of Education, Ghana requested that the Senior School Certificate Examinationbe written in August and September 2022. This is because the period allotted for the exams was insufficient, and the students would not have been well-prepared.


Other Important Details 

  • WASSCE begins on 1st August 2022 and will end 27th September 20222
  • Ghanaian candidates will take a version of the WASSCEprepared for only Ghana. That is to say that, exam will comprise of questions that are completely different/parallel to the exams written in the other member countries.
  • All arrangements following the examination will be handled on an international level (it will involve all five countries)
  • Ghanaian candidatesstill stand a chance  of competing for the WAEC Excellence Award and the National Distinction Award.
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