Why did Twene Jonas Go Missing?


Why did Twene Jonas Go Missing?

United States based Ghanaian, Twene Jonas has finally ended all speculation about his disappearance on social media.

Ending of Last month, African-American singer, Say Da Don, yoooo to social media to announce the sudden disappearance of Twene Jonas. He outlined that the Social Media critic was no where to be found and he was also not answering his phone calls. He further threatened to visit Ghana if he does not hear from Jonas in two days time. According to the singer, President Nana Adofo Dunkwa Akuffo-Addo and his government are behind the alleged arrest of Twene Jonas.

Adding up to what Say Da Don said was Twene Jonas’ sister. In a video that circulated on social media, she bashed the Ghanaian government and asked that they produce her brother as soon as possible.
These uproars caused fear and panic in Ghanaian especially fans of Twene.


However, the controversial and loved political activist, resurfaced on social media yesterday 1st October, 2021, with an explanation to his disappearance.

He explicated that, he has been  busy lately putting Ghana and American music into international platforms.

Jonas also promised to bring home awards for this reason, proud Ghanaians should his link with 100 people. He finally promised his fans a warm up of his song to wet their appetite even the more.


After learning the news, a section of people tag his disappearance as a way to promote his music. Therefore, the whole drama put up by his sister and Say Da don was all a prank for Ghanaians’ attention.

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Others were quite angry because they believe this whole conundrum cause fear and panic amongst the people. They feel it’s not right to tarnish the image of a government just to promote a music video.

Well, some of his fans have refused to believe that he is back. That have stated that they will only believe when they see him in a live on Facebook.


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