When will the BECE Placement be out?


Many people have been wondering and waiting to hear when the BECE School Placement will be released ever since the BECE results came out. Information about when the BECE results will be released is detailed in this article.

About the School Placement

The school placement is determined by your overall performance and the school choices made by pupils during the school selection process. The following is a breakdown of how your school selection choices and aggregate will be utilized to place you into senior high schools:

  • Students with Aggregate 6 to Aggregate 10 are usually given first Choice.
  • Students with Aggregate 11 to Aggregate 19 are usually given Second Choice.
  • Students with Aggregate 20 to Aggregate 29 usually get third and fourth choices in school placement.
  • Students with Aggregate 30 to Aggregate 35 get 5th choice in school placement.

When will the Placement be out for BECE Candidates?

The BECE school placement is expected to be made public between now and early February.

The release of the BECE results will be followed by the placement of students to their respective Senior High Schools (SHSs) a little earlier that the previous years, the Ministry of Education has previously indicated.

To help recent graduates or candidates get ready for SHS, the placement results are expected to be released earlier, projecting between now and early next month.

When the placement is out, candidates will have to purchase Placement Checkers in order to check their respective placements.

Know How to Check the WAEC BECE Results on Phone & PC 2022

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