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VIS Ghana Advertises New Job Opportunity


VIS Ghana Advertises New Job Opportunity. VIS – Volontariato internazionale per lo sviluppo, in partnership with Don Bosco Youth Network – West Africa (DBYN) and Me2You International Ghana, is currently implementing the project “Education is the passport of the future.

Improving Ghanaian education system focusing on methodologies, curricula and extracurricular activities” funded by ENI.

The proposed Action aims to foster vulnerable children and youth comprehensive skills development through their increased access to quality, safe and human rights-based learning paths within primary, secondary schools and TVET centres of Sanzule, in the Western Region of Ghana’


The selected educator will attend three training sessions together with the teachers of the schools: 1) on human rights and human rights based approach to education (A.1.3), 2) on organic agriculture (A.1.5) 3) on informal sport-based learning (A.1.6). After that, s/he will deliver informal learning activities, which will include both practical and theoretical sessions, on human rights (2.3), organic agriculture and ecology (A.2.2) and sport (A.2.4) to the primary and secondary school students.

The first training is composed by two modules, 5 days each.

The first module training on human rights and human rights based approach will give an overview of the notion of human Rights, especially the rights of the child and of women and girls. The rights to education, to choose the spouse and to menstrual health will be analysed deeply, together with the topic of early marriage. Then, there will be a description of the main human rights protection instruments at national and international level.

The second module deals with the human rights based approach applied to education in order to make the school a more inclusive, participatory and accountable environment, encouraging social cohesion, integration, interpersonal and intercultural dialogue and respect.

Then, educator will attend a training of 5 days in organic agriculture, the foreseen modules are:

Module 1: Introduction to environment and environmental protection.

Module 2: Environmental issues, climate change, waste pollution, natural resources, exploitation.

Module 3: Organic agriculture: an introduction to its benefits and practices.

Module 4: Personal responsibility towards environmental protection: what can I do?

Module 5: Interactive ecology activities for children.

The educator will also take part in a third training course on the multiple benefits of physical education for children from the health and social point of view. He/she will be taught how to use sports as an education tool and informal learning methodology aimed to promote social interaction, self-esteem, leadership skills and team-working skills, ultimately improving the quality of life of students. The educator will be trained in four specific sports: soccer, volleyball, handball and badminton.

The modules of the training will be:

Module 1: The health and social benefits of physical education for children.

Module 2: Sports activities and games for different age groups.

Module 3: Sports as educational tool.

After attending the training sessions on the three topics, the educator will hold weekly activities with the students on sports, ecology, human rights and gardening.

The activities on human rights protection will involve the use of arts, drama and role play games developed by VIS Ghana. For the sport activities (soccer, volleyball, badminton and basket), the educator will set up and carry out 4 yearly tournaments with the participation of local authorities and local athletes who will be invited to advocate for children’s rights to education and leisure. Then, the educator will organise practical laboratories on organic agriculture, school gardening and greenhouses and s/he will be asked to plan a visit for the students to Ankasa Conservation Park.

The educator will: (VIS Ghana Advertises New Job Opportunity )

  • Elaborate a detailed work plan of the activities to be defined and scheduled in accordance with the Director and the schools’ teachers.
  • Implement extra-curricula activities on sports, ecology, human rights and gardening in the schools in collaboration with schools’ staff.
  • Write a report on each activity carried out, attaching pictures and the attendance list signed by the participants, and monthly monitoring reports to submit to VIS Ghana Country Representative.
  • Prepare the needed set of materials to use during the activities.
  • Develop a supportive and empowering learning environment for the learners, responding to their needs.
  • Ensure that the participants sign the attendance list at the start and end of each activity.
  • Develop relations with the families of the students.
  • Collaborate with the teaching staff and school manager to keep them updated on the ongoing activities.
  • Serve as a bridge between the school and the community: manage the relationship between the school, the families and the community effectively and ethically.
  • Write a final report of the service carried out.
  • Act in accordance with VIS Ghana policies, condition of service and procedures or any directions as may be issued by VIS Ghana.
  • Undertake any other duties reasonable within the context of the role.

Duration and Remuneration

Start date: January 2022

End date: December 2022 (with possibility of extension)

  • The working schedule will be discussed during the interview
  • The foreseen gross monthly salary is 1400 GHS

VIS Ghana Advertises New Job Opportunity – HOW TO APPLY

Please send your CV to: [email protected]

Closing Date: Before 7th January 2022, 17.00 GMT


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