TV3 invites interested persons for Date Rush next season


TV3 invites interested persons for Date Rush next season.

The exciting and well loved TV3 Date Rush show is returning once more and seeks to invite interested persons or participants for next season.

Date Rush, shown live every Sunday night on TV3, is one of the most popular programs for eligible bachelors to win a date with a beautiful spinster or vice versa. Use this link to know more about TV3 date rush and to decide whether to partake in this reality event or not.

Requirements of TV3 Date Rush 

From past experiences from the show in past seasons, here are some requirements for the show gathered so far:

  • Applicants must be single, bold and eloquent
  • Applicants must be looking for love
  • Also, they should be honest when giving out information about themselves (integrity)

How to be part of Next Season’s TV3 Date Rush

To join the contestants’ screening session or to apply for selection on Date Rush, interested bachelors and spinsters (single men/ women) should send their pictures and information to the WhatsApp Number 0548390970

Thereafter, potential contestants will be selected after going through a screening process.

Date Rush Screening Dates 

As interested persons are invited for the reality show, they should keep in mind the screening dates as well for the next edition of Date Rush TV3:

  • Dates: Saturday, November 19, 2022 and Sunday, November 20, 2022
  • Venue: TV3 Executive Theatre
  • Time: 9:00 am

About the Reality Show 

Date Rush is a great opportunity for singles to find lasting relationships. One man is shown 10 potential female partners and asked to pick the one with whom he has the most in common. Women who are interested in dating him vie with one another for his attention, while those who aren’t leave him to the women who do.

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The date rush show has run for 7 seasons so far. The producers, hosts, and advertisers of Date Rush has always put in an effort to try something new each and every year.

The purpose of these changes is to give viewers something to get excited about every time. To know more about Date Rush, kindly view this article.
TV3 invites interested persons for Date Rush next season. 


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