Side Chick Deborah Seyram talks law with the police after they stormed her residence


Deborah Seyram Adablah, the former NSS personnel of First Atlantic Bank who filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend and former boss Ernest Nimako, has been reportedly taken into custody by the police.

While the circumstances surrounding her arrest remain unknown, her fans were given a front-row seat by way of a live video she broadcast.

Seyram can be seen and heard on the video asking the police officers why they are arresting her, as she claims to have committed no wrongdoing.

She challenged the police in a manner that depicts she knows the law as well as her rights.

The officer who went to place her under arrest, however, just said that the arrest was being made in response to a court order.

The police officer responded to Seyram’s challenge by saying he had no idea what she was talking about and that court orders only took effect after 14 days.

Deborah Seyram followed the police anyhow, and when she inquired which station they were taking her to, she was told the regional Police station, where she could call her lawyer.

She questioned once more why she was being transported to the regional police station although she lives in Labadi and the law mandates that she be transferred to a police station within its jurisdiction.

The police assured her that the next available court bailiff would be happy to clarify the nature of the charge.

Kindly take a look at the video:

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