SHS student fights dirty with invigilator for dating his girlfriend


A Free SHS student fights dirty with invigilator for allegedly dating his girlfriend who is also a student. The vicious brawl between two men has gone viral on the internet, his is due to a video that has quickly gained much popularity.

Many people have speculated as to who these two men are and why they were fighting so brutally, but we don’t know for sure yet.

According to witnesses, the altercation erupted because an invigilator and a student both realized they were seeing the same woman who happens to be a student.

During the tense altercation, the two men traded blows and appeared hostile. Instead of separating them, other students filmed the brutal fight and then posted it on social media, making it public.

Even if they are dating the same woman, many have pondered what could have sparked such a terrible fight.

SHS student fights dirty with invigilator

Kindly watch video Below:


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