School feeding caterers to go on nationwide strike over unpaid salaries


The various caterers of the school feeding program has made their intentions clear on the motion to go on nationwide strike over unpaid salaries. There has been quite some instances where government employees embark on strike activities to request for better conditions.

Caterers from all around Ghana converged in Kumasi, the Ashanti region’s capital, where they voiced their outrage and declared that they were in a position where they could no longer do their jobs with ease and comfort.

The caterers reportedly complained about the situation’s impact on their business.

All caterers have been urged by their leadership to participate in the strike to force the government to address their concerns immediately.

Gifty Asamoah, one of the caterers’ leaders, informed the media that they had run out of money and were waiting to hear back from the government about when they would receive their arrears. According to her, school caterers are underappreciated despite the fact that they provide an important function in schools.

If their arrears are not paid as soon as feasible, the caterers have also threatened to stage a nationwide demonstration.

School feeding caterers lamented that they are discriminated or disregarded at times despite the fact that they, like teachers, police, doctors, nurses, etc. are state employees who offer a necessary service to the public. If the government cannot withhold the salaries of the workers in other sectors for a month, why are they not paying caterers. They believe they are not being treated fairly.

School feeding caterers to go on nationwide strike over unpaid salaries


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