Real Madrid vs Chelsea Champions League


Real Madrid vs Chelsea Champions League 2022/2023.

The first leg of the champions league 2022/2023 classic between Real Madrid and Chelsea is on and football fans are anticipating a lot from both sides.

Chelsea, under a new manager, Frank Lampard, seeks to pull off a surprise victory against the Los Blancos in order to secure their chance of moving to the next stage. To them, winning the champions league is the massive and the only way to get the opportunity to play the champions league next season.

Real, on the other hand, seeks to win another trophy once again this season, hence, the need ti keep winning.

How To Watch the Game

The match is on, a link will be provided below to enable football fans watch the match live.

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About Real Madrid

The Madrid Football Club was founded on March 6, 1902, and has always worn a white home kit since. King Alfonso XIII gave the honorary term “real” on the club in 1920, along with the royal crown in the logo, which is Spanish for “royal.” For more than 70 years, the team’s home games have been held at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in the heart of Madrid. Their current manager or head coach is Carlo Ancelotti.

Real Madrid vs Chelsea Champions League 2022/2023

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