Rare encounter as two male lions have sex



It is very rare to spot animals engage in same-sex, a shade usually thrown at men who are into the act. The situation in the jungle is quite changing.

A video making rounds on social media shows a rare encounter as two male lions have sex. The lions apparently are gay.

Same-sex behavior in the jungle is uncommon in the wild, but it’s not so unusual when the animals are kept in captivity.

An undated video has been circulating on social media, showcasing one of the most uncommon lion sightings in history.

Unlike many earlier recorded encounters, the new footage shows how rambunctious male lions engaged in the “abominable deed.”

According to wildlife research, lions’ mating takes only a few seconds, but this was not the case in the captured occurrence, where two male lions were engaged in a one-minute battle.

However, there are no other clues in the film about who shot it or where it was shot. However, the journal has received reliable information that the incident occurred not long ago on one of the Southern African safaris.

A wildlife photographer named Paul Goldstein photographed an almost identical scene in Kenya a few years ago.

His video went viral on social media, drawing criticism and retaliation from Kenya’s government.

The recent video demonstrates that animals, like people, participate in same-sex behavior. Unlike humans, theirs are not widely documented and are infrequently seen, resulting in public outcry when such events are exposed.

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In another report, High Court Judge, Justice Lydia Osei Marfo evoked sadness as she broke down while reading briefs of Kasoa boy’s murder.

This is very unusual of judges.

Recall that on April 3, 2021, some two teenage boys murdered a young boy, Ishmael Mensah Abdallah for ritual purposes.

The two suspects, one, a school dropout and Felix Nyarko allegedly led the dead, who was a close friend of theirs, into an unfinished building and beat him to death with a club and a cement block.

While reading the case documents in court, the High Court Judge hearing the case concerning the gruesome murder of 10-year-old Ishmael Mensah Abdallah in Kasoa for money ritual could not hold back her tears.

Justice Lydia Osei Marfo had difficulties reading the harrowing descriptions of how two youths allegedly killed the deceased on Thursday, according to the Ghana News Agency.

She grew emotional when reading the case’s basic details, particularly when she reached a passage that stated that after one of the accused persons whacked Abdallah in the head with a club, the deceased prayed for forgiveness if he had hurt them, according to the GNA.

She paused, lifted her spectacles, and wiped tears from her eyes with her handkerchief before expressing “I am sorry” to her audience, according to the news agency.

Rare encounter as two male lions have sex

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