Rape Allegations Against Thomas Partey are False – Full Story


Rape Allegations Against Thomas Partey are False – Full Story.

All the rape allegations leveled against Thomas Partey appears to be false and his name is going to be cleared soon, according to a family friend of Thomas Partey.

The Story

News trending has it that the person who almost landed Thomas Partey in trouble recently is no other person than her Moroccan girlfriend, Sarah Bella who allegedly tried framing the Ghanaian Midfielder for rape.

The footballer’s close friend in Ghana has given an account of what happened on Twitter, claiming to be close to him.

Partey’s girlfriend, Sarah, accused him of rape after he refused to marry her, according to the report.

Until he refused to marry her, he claims the two were fine. Then, after Partey decided not to marry her, she reported him to the police, alleging that he raped her.

Reports have surfaced, stating that Sara Bella’s social media status has been changed from “Married” to “Single,” as noted by sports journalist Juliet Bawuah.

Per the reports on Twitter, Ghanaian Midfielder is in the shock of his life after his girlfriend allegedly accused him.

Thomas Partey is believed to be in shock after spending 700,000 British Pounds on his current girlfriend, Sarah Bella who’s currently accusing the player with rape case.

Also recall that Thomas Partey converted his religion from being a Christianity to a Islam and also Changed his name to YAKUBU all because of her Moroccan girlfriend who has allegedly accused him of rape.

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Rape Allegations Against Thomas Partey are False - Full Story



Rumors of this case has been trending this week when it was reported the 29-year-old Premier League footballer who plays for a club in London was in custody over rape allegations.

As soon as the news broke, Partey’s name was mentioned, though it has yet to be officially confirmed.

The absence of him online sparked a wave of speculation, and the details of his personal life began to emerge. Then it allegedly appeared he is currently legal issues hence, he wasn’t able to make it to some of Arsenal’s games.

The good news now has it that the rape allegations against Thomas Partey are False.

Rape Allegations Against Thomas Partey are False – Full Story.


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