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There is a New Vacant Slot At Compassion International. The company is hiring a Data and Insight Manager. The Data & Insights team gives leadership to Compassion Canada’s on-going drive to be data-informed in all areas of ministry. The manager will be the organizational contact in supporting various stakeholders and teams with the necessary data and insights to learn from our work, and drive innovation and improvements.

The Data & Insights Manager will be a key player in Compassion Canada’s renewed efforts in driving a neighbour centric approach and a key figure in developing and iterating on new and innovative supporter experiences, informed both by the individuals understanding on the ministry and the data of the organization.

Working alongside the IT Manager, the Projects Manager as well as the Digital Design and Development Manager, this role will be a key leader in the over direction of the Technology and Operations portfolio.

Ministry Focus

Compassion Canada is a Christian organization, committed to being child-focused, Christ-centered, and church driven. As such, each employee of Compassion Canada shall:

  • Participate in regular staff gatherings and chapel services,
  • Pray with supporters when requested by same or when deemed appropriate with supporter’s permission. (This will apply to some positions more than others),
  • Conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner at work and outside the workplace,
  • Promote the evangelical approach to ministry that Compassion Canada has adopted and put into practice.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage and give oversight to Compassion Canada’s data management roadmap, ensuring a democratized data approach is continually being strived for (providing teams with the ability to find or pull data required).
  • Work alongside key stakeholders to ensure the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is being optimized, working alongside the IT Manager to support training opportunities where needed.
  • Collaborate and consult with the Digital Design & Development Manager and the IT Manager when CRM system requires updates, and support as required.
  • Work with external support partners in the ongoing health of the CRM system as well as uncovering new opportunities to take advantage of the CRM system.
  • Provide leadership in analyzing neighbour data and providing insights and opportunities for digital platform improvements (portal, web, social, etc.).
  • Alongside the Director of Technology & Operations and the Executive Director of Marketing & Digital Growth, be a key participant in driving innovation and improvements in Compassion Canada’s use of new data, analytics and development opportunities in market.
  • Lead the team in exploring new AI and Data Science approaches for Compassion Canada’s ministry.
  • Proactively support the on-going journey improvements for Compassion Canada’s supporter experiences and design.
  • Support the Director of Technology & Operations in managing the strategy development for Compassion Canada’s Technology & Operations roadmap.
  • Create an environment with a focus on innovation and boldness within the areas of this remit.
  • Be an active player/coach.
  • Facilitate and coach the team on being highly collaborative with all neighbour facing teams (church, volunteer, mass/direct to consumer, major donor, etc.) as well as fellow Marketing & Digital Growth teams.
  • Support and engage your team, in the opportunity and tension of being both a digitally driven while not losing Compassion Canada’s commitment of being a relational organization – both internally and externally.
  • Assists the department/team with other duties as requested.
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Qualifications, Skills And Experience 

Qualifications Required

  • Proven track record of supporting agile mindsets and innovation efforts
  • Proven ability to learn from mistakes while supporting continued advancement of excellence in support journey and experience development
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate well in written form for multiple audiences
  • Track record of developing innovative strategies for technology
  • Lifelong learner

Skills Required:

  • Exceptional written, oral and visual presentation skills to Interact with senior leadership as well as the full organization
  • Clear understanding of how CRMs and data management can drive business and ministry outcomes
  • Skilled in developing and iterating around a lead measure philosophy (as opposed to lag measures only)
  • Able to build relationships across a variety of stakeholder groups (internal and external)

Experience & Education Required:

  • Education in marketing, data and/or project management is a strong asset
  • Experience leading in a data management or CRM capacity

How To Apply For The New Vacant Slot At Compassion International


Closing Date: 27th May, 2022



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