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There is a New Job Available At World Bank Group. They need the best and brightest talent focused on Sub-Saharan African countries in order to harness the potential and innovation happening across the continent. Besides, Africa is a continent on the move, with a young population and a growing market of nearly 1.2bn people. Still, We are committed to making the Africa regional teams into leading innovation hubs.

Yet, these vast opportunities are tempered by persistent gaps in education, health, and skills, which have Africa only reaching forty percent of its estimated potential. Moreover, conflict, food insecurity, population growth, and the disruptive forces of climate change threaten to curtail or even reverse the progress that has been made over the past decades.

Job Title: Senior Social Sustainability and Inclusion Specialist – Social Sustainability and Safeguards, Ghana


The Social Sustainability and Inclusion Practice has a growing work program in Ghana, encompassing project loans and grants, advisory and analytical programs, and active partnerships supporting a wide range of engagements across sectors. This includes women empowerment and gender equality, social inclusion, citizen engagement, and social accountability; social resilience and social risk management.

Duties and Accountabilities:

The Senior Social Development Specialist/Senior Social Sustainability and Inclusion Specialist will provide direct support to clients and Bank teams. Meanwhile, This will be on social sustainability, social risk management, and stakeholder engagement to ensure compliance with the Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework (ESF), which consists of ten Environmental and Social Standards.

Responsibilities will include the following

Operational work:
  • Firstly, Lead the interface with the Government of Ghana in preparation of activities to enhance the social sustainability of WB-supported operations
  • Secondly, Supervise and provide technical support to government agencies, including project implementing agencies, on the preparation and implementation of project-related social risk management activities and activities to enhance the social sustainability of projects.
  • Then, Provide timely and professionally competent technical review of social assessment products prepared for rural development, infrastructure, private sector, transport, urban, and other projects, as needed.
  • Also, Supervise activities designed to manage social risks on major projects as a technical expert.
  • Besides that, Interact with clients at the policy and operational level.
  • Afterwards, Advise and participate in project teams to help develop operational designs and mechanisms to assess social opportunities, and risks related to Bank-supported operations.
  • More so, Develop and evaluate proposed technical solutions, and assist in the preparation of project design documentation, supporting reports, annexes, etc.
  • Thereafter, Provide cross-support as required to the various teams in the portfolio and monitors adherence to the World Bank Environmental and Social Standards.
  • Finally, Guide the preparation of Stakeholder Engagement Plans to ensure that the level of consultations is proportional to project risks and impacts and monitor implementation.
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Policy work:  
  • Lead a dialogue on the implementation of the Environmental and Social Framework with policymakers and government officials and other stakeholders, and coordinate the Bank’s relations with clients on social development.
  • Participate in and play a leading role in portfolio reviews on social sustainability and social risk management.
  • Make recommendations on strategies and policy options for counterparts in local and central government agencies.
  • Advise government counterpart agencies on policy options for social risk management, particularly resettlement, social risk mitigation planning, and institutional capacity development.
  • Work closely with environmental colleagues to enhance the capacity of the client to implement the Bank’s new environmental and social framework for managing project risks and enhancing the sustainability of World Bank-financed projects.
Analytical work:
  • Evaluate studies and practice related to the development of project documentation; and
  • Conduct and contributes to formal and informal analytical advisory activities and research work on key social development issues
Capacity building:
  • Participate in developing sustainable local and national consultation mechanisms and strategies.
  • Deliver ESF training on specific social standards and tailored to individual projects to strengthen client capacity.
  • Supervise the work of consultants and technical specialists to ensure consistency and conformity to Bank standards.
  • Participate in cross-practice teams responsible for the preparation of policy notes, Systematic Country Diagnostics and research on the full range of social development topics.
  • Identify potential partnerships as well as new opportunities for engagement around social development aimed at advancing social development in general and social risk management.
  • Work as an active member of the Country Office and Country Team; engage in the Bank-wide professional community of staff in Social Sustainability and Inclusion.
  • Supervise the work of consultants and technical specialists to ensure consistency and conformity to the Bank standards.
  • Work independently under the general direction of the Regional Standards Coordinator and guide and mentor junior staff.
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Qualification, Skills And Experience For The New Job Update At World Bank Group

This is a challenging position suited to constructive, highly motivated team players with an eye for detail, understanding of the bigger picture context of operations, and creative problem-solving abilities. The successful candidate should have strong analytical skills, have practical experience with participatory processes of stakeholder engagement. Be able to integrate social development considerations in an operational context. This requires strong technical competency on social issues and safeguards, with demonstrated ability to contribute to project management. Experience working in complex and challenging settings is highly desirable.

  • Master’s degree or Ph.D. in social sciences (anthropology, sociology, political economy, social development, etc.).
  • A minimum of eight (8) years of directly relevant professional experience in social sustainability, social standards/safeguards and/or social development.
  • Have Experience with consultative and participatory approaches to project design and implementation while deriving results that resonate with the client.
  • Experience developing and monitoring grievance redress mechanisms to ensure accountability and problem-solving in a timely fashion.
  • Experience in areas of social inclusion such as gender; conflict, fragility, and violence; and disability.
  • Demonstrated experience in interacting with governments to bring about changes to the policy.
  • Demonstrated ability to create, apply and share knowledge from a range of sources to strengthen internal and or external client solutions.
  • Very high level of energy, initiative, and self-motivation; willingness to travel and work under challenging circumstances.
  • Excellent oral and writing skills. Fluency and the ability to write well in English is essential

New Job Update At World Bank Group – How To Apply


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Closing Date: 10th May, 2022



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