MOG Music recounts how he struggled quitting masturbation


One common addiction among the youth today is unarguably masturbation. The act of pleasuring oneself to reach orgasm proves very difficult to quit according to victims. 

MOG Music recounts how he struggled quitting masturbation. Contemporary gospel singer Nana Yaw Boakye better known by stage name as MOG Music has recounted how he struggled trying to quit masturbation.

MOG Music claimed that in the past, his friendships had a negative affect on him and that he no longer has any pals. He also described his exposure to masturbation, which was a habit he actively sought to break.

Everything started when he transferred from junior high to senior high. When he got home from school, he saw an old friend who exposed him to the act.

Like many other people born into churches, the sense of guilt that engulfed MOG Music whenever he was done ‘beating his meat’ is inevitable.

It is just appropriate to know what the Holy Book says about masturbation; the reason for the guilty conscience.

He showed me how to masturbate and the benefits of not needing sex in order to feel good. I masturbated all through secondary school,” MOG Music admitted on The Delay Show.

Even though he always felt horrible after masturbating, becoming a born-again Christian did not convince him to stop.

Nearly too much of me wanted to masturbate. No matter how carefully they were observed, he claimed, declarations of fasting and prayer could not change the course of history.

“Once I gave my life to Christ, the desire grew stronger.” It was a dire circumstance. I admitted it to our campus’ prayer coordinator, who then proclaimed a week of fasting and prayer, but it made no difference.

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“A pastor I believed in also suggested 21 days; it also failed.” MOG Music stated, “I could take a week off, but when the want returns, it’s serious.

His father had once witnessed him masturbating, and he had been doing it for more than five years. His worried father beat him, but just like the fasting and prayer times, it had no impact on him.

MOG Music recounts how he struggled quitting masturbation

A sincere and emotional prayer, as he put it, saved him from masturbation one day. He explains, “One day the urge came.” It had force. “I felt a sense of sadness when I entered the restroom to use the soap.”

I uttered a sincere prayer and was answered, according to MOG Music.


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