Meye Dede by James Varrick Armaah


Meye Dede was written in 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia by James Varrick Armaah. ‘This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our sight,’ he wrote this song to THE HARMONIOUS CHORALE GHANA.

The Author, James Varrick Armaah’s Biography

James Varrick Armaah was born into a musical household in Winneba. His father is the choir master of the Winneba A.M.E Zion Cathedral, while his mother is also a chorister.

From an early age, his musical ability was evident. He was famous for memorizing all four parts of songs taught during choir sessions. At the age of seven, he began composing for his Sunday School classmates. He began playing the church organ at the age of eleven.

From 2000 through July 2007, James served as the Winneba Youth Choir’s lead organist. He collaborated with Paa John, the choir’s director, to improve WYC’s image. It has since developed into one of Ghana’s foremost choirs.

He formed Harmonious Chorale following his departure from the Winneba Youth Choir. Today, he is enormously popular in Ghanaian contemporary music and is one of the most influential figures defining the country’s choral music scene.

Meye Dede By James Varrick Armaah

From the above read biography from James Varrick Armaah, it is not surprising at all to always hear a beautiful tune from him. Kindly look and click down below to see the beautiful song composed nicely by James Varrick Armaah.

meye dede by James Varrick armaah

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