Lecturer threatens to fail female student for infecting him with Gono


A Senior Lecturer of an unknown university has threatened to fail a Level 100 female student for infecting him with the STI Gonorrhora.

The senior lecturer had lost his control for lust and had a three-night fling with a female level 100 student and now he has a serious health implication.

The lecturer reportedly went intimate for three nights in an agreement to pass the level 100 student in exams.

The Lecturer has been in a lot of pain and anguish ever since the sexual encounter because he contracted an STI (specifically gonorrhea).

So now he’s threatening to fail her because the student gave him gono. The lady did not seem to understand the lecturer’s intent for threatening her because he approached her in the first place.

The lady posted a summary of this story on jodel, the anonymous platform. As anonymous as jodel is, the identity of the lady is not known and she did not also reveal the identity of the lecturer or university she is enrolled in.

Most people who have heard this story don’t understand the threat from the lecturer to fail the student as this whole situation was created by himself. It is quite unfortunate but he should have controlled himself from the beginning.

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