Lady breaks up with boyfriend for proposing with GHC150 engagement ring


The act of proposing to one’s girlfriend has now become an art where people go to the extreme by spending millions just to get the girl to say ‘yes’.

In most cases, many of these men are embarrassed leaving them with no choice but to accept defeat and move on. A lady has reportedly broke up the relationship she has with her boyfriend because of a proposal ring.

The young lady who has been waiting to hear ‘will you marry me’ from her man did the opposite by turning down the proposal over claims that the ring cost N10K which is equivalent to GHC151.

When asked how she found out, she stated that she had once seen the same ring from an Instagram vendor.

That’s her reason but the fact that it’s seen cheap on instagram, should not necessarily mean it’s the same quality, however, this is how the lady managed to break up with her boyfriend who tried to marry her.

Read the write up below;

“My friend got engaged and cut off the engagement immediately because her boyfriend proposed with a 10 thousand naira ring. I asked how she knew it was a ten thousand naira ring then she said she has seen it on a vendor’s Instagram post before.

Can you imagine? Would you propose To the love of your life with a ten thousand naira ring? I feel so bad for her because this is what we have been praying for but the guy messed it up with the choice of ring.

That kind of ring can turn another color in few weeks 😢 but then I feel she should have accepted it cos Some guys don’t even bother proposing with rings they just say it with words and they still move on.

I hope you don’t throw this away even though I don’t like the idea of a ten thousand ring myself. Dear Mojisola, I know you can see this try and reconsider his offer. Xoxo ❤️”

Lady breaks relationship with boyfriend


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