Lack Of Virgins Is Affecting Dipo Rites-Leaders In Charge Cry


The traditional Dipo rites in Dodowa, Ghana, have undergone a significant evolution. Leaders in charge now permit non-virgins to take part. The lack of virgins is deemed the responsible factor that has affected the administration of the rites.

Previously reserved for virgin girls aged 10 to 15, the changes reflect the difficulty in finding virgin adolescent girls.

The modifications aim to attract more participants and preserve the cultural significance of the rites.

Concerned about the declining interest among the current generation, the elderly traditional women fear that the practice might fade away if not embraced by future generations.

The mothers, who play a vital role in ensuring the rites’ performance, expressed their disappointment in the misconceptions and negative perceptions surrounding Dipo.

They emphasize that the rites are about seeking blessings and womanhood, debunking false beliefs about negative consequences.

Although criticized, Dipo continues to attract tourists and has garnered support from some fathers within the community.

The evolution of the Dipo rites now allow girls as young as two years old to participate, and they have made modifications to the ceremony’s traditional elements.

Dipo serves as a waiting period, promoting abstinence, preventing teenage pregnancies, and fostering proper development among girls.

The symbolic stone, on which the girls sit, represents ancestral blessings. It also represents the status of being “oheneba,” the daughter of a king.

The rites also contribute to cultural tourism in Ghana and have the potential for further development and international recognition.

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Lack Of Virgins Is Affecting Dipo Rites-Leaders In Charge Cry

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