KNUST Research Reveals Students Use UV Light To Cheat In Exams


A research conducted by KNUST Reveals that Students Use UV Light To Cheat In Exams.

In Ghana, invigilators and the general public are aware that, students use their calculators, mathematics sets, uniforms, and even their skins to transport answers into the exam room.

However, a research led by Dr. John Boulard Forkour reveals a new technological way of cheating adopted by students. There is no doubt that the invigilators are ignorant of this.

During the research, researchers had the opportunity to speak to students about the methods used in cheating these days.

One student said that they write their answers on materials that are allowed in the exam room with inkless pens that come with a UV pen. When students enter the exam room, they shine a red light on the piece of paper or other item on which they wrote the answers to make the writings visible.

Dr. Forkour advised that educational authorities should not only focus on improving institutional procedures to prevent cheating but also make a deliberate effort to influence students’ perceptions of cheating because students seem to be difficult to crack.

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KNUST Research Reveals Students Use UV Light To Cheat In Exams


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