King Nasir arrives in Ghana for his atopa match with Shugatiti


Recent reports indicate that adult movie star King Nasir has landed in Ghana awaiting his stops match with social media sensation and nudist Shugatiti.

Upon hearing that adult star King Nasir had traveled in Ghana to visit nudist Shugatiti, some locals reacted with a mix of amazement and enthusiasm.

Despite the reports circulating, he has not yet posted his whereabouts online yet.

You may remember that the nudist and owner of PotofShuga got King Nasir’s attention on Twitter when she admitted in an interview with blogger Zionfelix that, despite having sex regularly for years, she has never experienced orgasm.

Adult Movie Performer, King Nasir

King Nasir, the American adult film actor, saw this interview with Shugatiti and offered to help her by making her have an orgasmic experience to show her that others can push her to her limits and make her stop bragging online.

Several people online were confused by King Nasir’s reply, in which he was reportedly urged to meet Shugatiti in person. The porn star asked for donations to cover her plane ticket and said she’d livestream the match for anyone willing to pay to see it.

The lights seemed on for a match between the two when Shugatiti began to tease the audience, an action which most people described she was either afraid or she lied about not having an orgasm in the first place.

As recent reports suggest, the atopa match might come off here in Ghana between King Nasir and Shugatiti as the former is reported to be in town.


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