If Kidi and I get Married, Don’t Be Shocked – Cina Soul


Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome, better recognized in showbiz as Cina Soul, has made a very controversial statement that has left many Ghanaians wondering why she made that bold assertion.

According to the Ghanaian songstress, She and Kidi are just friends, however, Ghanaians should never be surprised if they end up getting married. This has rather internsified rumours suggesting that the two are going out.

In an upclose interview on Neat FM to promote her new song Feelings, she revealed, she and Kidi really vibe. She furthered that there is a strong bond between the two of them but there is no romantic relationship going on between the two of them. Proving that their bond is strong, she indicated that Kidi wrote 80% of her song Feelings.

Quite confused, Ola Micheal, the host, asked Cina Soul if Ghanaians should express some surprise if they one day decide to settle down. In response to that, she clearly stated that no one should be astonished to hear any news like that. This means that she is open for anything that comes and so her fans should be like her.

Sugar Daddy and Cina Soul have been togerther as friends for a while now. Rumor keep circulating that the two are seriously dating. However, they have never confirmed the rumours. They always debunk it and assure Ghanaians that they are just friends. Though some people have already taken her statement as a confirmation of her relationship with Kidi, we cannot conclude. Let us wait and see what the future hold for both Kidi and Cina Soul.

Early last week, Cina Soul released her new single dubbed Feelings. She employed the Golden Boy on this one. The song has good rhythm and shares only good vibes. This wonderful song was produced by Datbeatgod and Kidi. It is really a masterpiece.


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