I still stand by my ‘Nana Toaso’ – Sarkodie


I still stand by my ‘Nana Toaso’ – Sarkodie.
People have criticized the award-winning artist, claiming that his artistic expression of sentiment against political ills has diminished.

Sarkodie says he still stands by his ‘Nana toaso” phrase in his “Happy Day” song.

He said he  knew ‘Nana Toaso’ would be controversial but he still stands by it.

Speaking on 3Music TV, he said that the issues he addressed in his songs “Dumsor,” “Inflation,” and “Masses” while John Mahama was president still exist today, and he is not inspired to write any new music.

“What I said he should ‘toaso’, I stand by it because I think I benefitted from Free Education directly and I have the right to say I endorse that because this is directly.

“My mom has these girls we’ve been supporting. At first, she would call, asking me to help. I am not saying it is much but just the fact that I am not even hearing that, it came from that place and I was specific about what I was endorsing,” he explained why he stand by the phrase.

He says he knew the verse would be controversial but still stands by it.

He added that he will not retract it today or tomorrow.

Sarkodie also waded into the ongoing conversations on the hike in fuel prices in Ghana, and how difficult it has become to make ends meet in that regard.

Sarkodie stated that she spends GHC2,000 fuel every 3 days.

He lamented the cost of fuel during an interview with George Quaye on Joy FM’s Showbiz A to Z program.

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He claims that every three (3) days, he fuels up his car with GHS 2,000. He revealed this in response to a query about the current economic climate in Ghana.

“I wouldn’t be able to have my hands on everything because at least thank God, we have moved from a certain stage where our problems may not necessarily be like the regular person on the street.”

“if myself I can have a level of hardship in certain things, it’s not hardship (per se) but it was a big shock, fuel prices is crazy. To fill my car now, I am hitting towards 2,000 cedis, which is serious,” Sarkodie complained.

“You need about 2,000 cedis to be able to run around three days,” Sarkodie added.

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I still stand by my ‘Nana Toaso’ – Sarkodie.



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