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With 1 Billion Active users. Tiktok is a fantastic platform for showcasing your abilities to the public and connecting with fans from all around the world. Even though TikTok filters are entertaining, some individuals are still unsure how to remove them.

If you’re a frequent user of the app, you’ll notice that there are a variety of filters that may improve a video or even make it rather humorous, depending on the filter you apply. There are instances when you want to take a video in a natural setting without using any filters to make your face or surroundings look better.

If you are experiencing problems removing any filter from a TikTok video, continue reading this step-wise guide where you’ll get to know How to remove filter from a TikTok video. 

TikTok Filters

TikTok filters work similarly to Instagram’s picture filters in that they alter the appearance of a video. TikTok users may pick from a number of different filters.

Basic TikTok filters are pre-installed, but users can download more filters as they come across them or search for them. Before shooting a video on Tiktok, you may apply a filter to receive a preview of how the complete video will look.

How to remove filter from a TikTok video

1. Removing Filter from video saved in Drafts

One can also remove filters from videos saved in drafts. Below is the stepwise procedure.

Step-1: Open your profile after opening the TikTok App.

Step-2: Open drafts. Here you will see your videos saved as drafts

How to remove filter from a TikTok video

Step-3: Open the video you want to remove filter from

Step-4: Open Filters → Choose “None”  and we are all done

How to remove filter from a TikTok video

How to remove filter from a TikTok video

How To Remove a Filter After Recording a TikTok Video

Many times we just have recorded a video with a filter but before we post we don’t like the filter. 

Removing filters from such a video is very easy. Just tap filters and select “None”. Snapshots above.

Removing Filters After Posting Videos

Unfortunately there is no way to remove filters after you have posted. This is because of a lot of compression and format change, TikTok Does when you post your video


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