How to pass the Ghana Armed Forces Body Selection and Documentation Process 2022


Here is how to pass the Ghana Armed Forces Body Selection and Documentation Process for the 2022 recruitment.

After filling out forms online via the recruitment e-voucher, qualified applicants or candidates are sent text messages to come and continue the screening process with their original documents and certificates, a stage where most refer to as the Body Selection and Documentation stage.

In this article, we are going to talk about all you need to know and then explain how one can successfully pass the Ghana Armed Forces body Selection and documentation stage of recruitment, 2022.

Let’s begin by understanding what body selection and Documentation means.

All About Ghana Armed Forces Body Selection and Documentation

1. What is the Ghana Armed Forces Documentation Stage?

This is a stage in the recruitment process where the presented documents of applicants are inspected to verify authenticity and correlation to initial data entered while applying.

How to Pass the Documentation stage?

To pass the Ghana Armed Forces Documentation stage, applicants will have to present Original copies and photocopies of the following for inspection;

  • Confirmation PDF/ Printout
  • Birth Certificate
  • BECE Certificate
  • WASSCE Certificate
  • NVTI/HND/DEGREE/MASTERS Certificate (Where Applicable)

After successfully verifying your Details, next is Body Selection.

1. What is Ghana Armed Forces Body Selection?

This is a stage of recruitment where applicants are invited for a full body inspection to ascertain their physique according to Ghana Armed Forces standards and requirements.

This process is needed to ensure absence of tattoos and flat foot, excessive body building, double ear pierces for females and exposed varicose veins, amongst others.

At this stage too, the height of applicants are checked or verified to see if it fits in the reputable requirements and standards of the Armed Forces.

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What do they check for at the Body Selection stage?  

The following among others is checked for at the body selection stage;

  • Height
  • Body
  • Toes
  • Nails
  • Abdominal area
  • How applicants walk
  • How applicants can squat or bend down
  • Applicants May be asked to raise their hands or perform a few gestures
  • Haircut – Males (could be optional)
  • Pubic Hair and/or Beard (Could be optional)

How to Pass the Ghana Armed Forces Body Selection stage

To pass the Ghana Armed Forces body selection stage;

  • Applicants may have to practice personal hygiene i.e making sure their body, nails, toes, pubic area is clean.
    NB: Applicants May have to wear clean underwear/singlets before body selection as they may be asked to strip and/or take off their shirts for tattoo inspection, abdominal inspection, etc. 
  • Secondly, they have to comply with all that the officers will ask them to do.


It is perceived that before applying to be enlisted to be part of the Ghana Armed Forces, applicants have read all the requirements before buying scratch cards to apply.

So the body selection and documentation process is there to verify if the applicants truly meet the requirements to be recruited.

  • For the official date for the Body Selection and Documentation 2022, Kindly Click Here

Applicants who are still puzzled about how to pass the Ghana Armed Forces Body Selection and Documentation Process 2022 can ask their questions by commenting below and we will do well to answer.


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