How To Link your Ghana Card to your Bank Account


Customers of accredited banks in Ghana who haven’t updated their records with the Ghana Card have until July 1st to do so, or risk being unable to conduct any financial transactions through their respective bank accounts.

This has sparked the release of online portals by numerous banks that allow clients to link their Ghana Card account to their bank account.

To this effect, we have detailed a full guide on how to link your Ghana Card to your Bank Account easily in this article.

To comply with Bank of Ghana policy, all licensed and regulated financial institutions in Ghana must now accept the Ghana Card as a valid form of identity for all transactions beginning July 1, 2022. Kindly follow below to learn more.

Why do you have to link your Ghana Card to Your Bank Account? 

To comply with the requirements the Bank of Ghana, customers of financial institutions regulated by the Bank of Ghana must make any necessary changes to their accounts using the Ghana Card at such institutions.

This is because all Financial institutions are required by the Anti-Money Laundering Act and Bank of Ghana to update their customers’ records to reflect the Ghana Card.

How To Link your Ghana Card to your Bank Account

1. Linking your Ghana Card at your Bank 

  • Visit your any branch of your Bank
  • Send along your Ghana Card, your bank account, and your personal information to your bank for the update.

Note: This method is suitable for people who transact with banks that have not yet released an online portal or people who want to visit their bank to link their card manually.

2. Linking your Ghana Card to your Bank Online

To link your Ghana card to your bank online, you have to visit the online portal of your bank  to successfully link your card.

Kindly follow the instructions for the banks below to link your card.

How To Link your Ghana Card to your Bank Account Online 

1. Absa Bank

  • You need a scanned copy of your Ghana Card to link online.
  • You can link your Ghana Card to your ABSA Bank Account by sending the scanned copy of your Ghana Card to the following email address: [email protected].

2. Zenith Bank

  • Go to as a first step.
  • Then enter your account number, date of birth, and phone number and press the submit button to complete the registration process.
  • After that, enter your Ghana Card information to link the card and account number.

3. Ghana Commercial Bank, GCB 

  • Visit the GCB Ghana Card Link Portal Here
  • Afterwards, click “Link My Card”. 
  • Then enter your GCB Bank account number at the section given and click “Continue”.
  • Then select an option to receive an OTP Codeeither through your active Email or Phone Number. 
  • Verify the OTP code to authenticate the account.
  • Then enter your Ghana Card ID Number on your Ghana Card.
  • Take a picture of your Ghana Card and upload it to Link your Ghana Card To your GCB Bank Account.

How To Check Your Ghana Card Linkage Status

  • Visit the GCB Ghana Card Link Portal Here
  • Afterwards, click “Ghana Card Linkage Status”. 
  • Then enter your Ghana Card number and click “Continue”.
  • From here, you will get details to know if your Ghana Card has been successfully linked to your Bank Account or not.

What if I Don’t Have a Ghana Card? How Do I Register for a Ghana Card? 

Ghana Card Registration Centers

If you would like to acquire a Ghana Card from the a Ghana Card registration center, check below to know the center closer to you.




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