How to Get Telegram Premium for Free


How to Get Telegram Premium for Free. Telegram is the most widely used instant messaging app worldwide. It has a monthly active user base of over 700 million people.

If you use the popular messaging service Telegram, you’ve probably discovered that there are two ways to enjoy this app: free and paid.

Free comes with limitations, such as all users of Telegram can upload files of up to 2GB in size and get unlimited storage of the files uploaded on the Telegram Cloud for free. But Telegram Premium subscribers have access to an increased file size limit of 4GB.

Paid users have a waiver of other limits, which makes it much more convenient if you’re doing business on Telegram and plan on sending a lot of files or messages each day. Telegram has grown and evolved over the years. In order to gain access to the company’s premium features, users must sign up for a subscription.

But what if you want to upgrade but can’t afford it? Below, we have explained how to get Telegram Premium for free.

What is Telegram Premium? 

Telegram Subscription is a premium subscription service that unlocks additional capabilities for your Telegram account. With this subscription package, you get access to special benefits such as doubling restrictions, greater file uploads, and faster downloads.

How to Get Telegram Premium for Free

  1. First visit the Google Play Store or App Store to install Telegram or update to the most recent version.
  2. Afterwards, launch the app and go to “Settings”.
  3. On the Settings menu, select “Telegram Premium” and subscribe.
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Telegram does not offer a free trial like Snapchat Plus. You have the option of upgrading to a paid subscription or continuing to use the free version.

Based on the user’s location, they will be charged a cost. Until the membership is cancelled, this will be carried out automatically on a monthly basis.

How to Cancel Telegram Premium


  1. Launch the settings app on your iPhone
  2. Choose your Apple ID and go to Subscriptions
  3. Then select Telegram.
  4. Finally, select the “Cancel” option.

Android Phone 

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app on your device and select profile.
  2. Select “Payments & subscriptions”, then “Subscriptions”.
  3. Then select “Telegram”, then “Cancel subscription”.


There is no free version of Telegram Premium. Thus, it requires a monthly subscription fee to access its features. This article has detailed how to get telegram subscription. In contrast to other apps, this one does not offer a free trial of the premium features.


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