How to Confirm the Number of SIM Cards Associated with Your Ghana Card


The NCA announced plans to roll out a shortcode to help people confirm the number of SIM cards linked to their various Ghana Card or to authenticate the phone number associated with their cards.

The NCA has responded accordingly as they have put measures in place to allow citizens check the numbers on their cards. This is great news for all Sim card users.

Benefits of Checking the Phone Numbers linked to your Ghana Card

  • You can find out how many Sims are stored on your Ghana card.
  • In the event that someone tries to add another number to your Ghana card or uses your Ghana card to register another Sim, you will receive prompt messages on the primary number you have designated.

Short Code to check linked Sim Cards

The short code to be used is *402*1#. The short code will be available and operational as of May 1st, 2023, according to reports. The NCA has stated that they are working with the telcos to make sure the service begins by the end of April.

How To check for Linked Sim Cards

  • Lunch your call app or dialed on your phone
  • Dial *402*1# on all networks
  • Check the phone numbers linked to your account

NB: This system is expected to work from May 1, 2023, however, there could be changes in cases where the NCA and telcos do not lunch the process on time or decide to make changes.


1. What is the Short Code to check for registered Sim Cards?

The Short code to determine the number of SIM cards registered or associated to your Ghana cards is *402*1#, however, it will be operational from May 1, 2023, and changes could be made to the code as well.

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2. What should I do if i see numbers that I did not register on my Ghana Card?

The NCA will provide means and instructions to help users delink unauthorized phone numbers the moment they see them.

How to Confirm the Number of SIM Cards Associated with Your Ghana Card


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