How To Buy Treasury Bills with MTN Mobile Money (MoMo)


Buying treasury bills has become more easier and more convenient thanks to MTN mobile money (MoMo) services. With this, you sit at the comfort of your home and buy treasury bills easily without moving an inch to the bank.

In the financial services section of the MTN mobile money portal, Treasury Bills can be accessed. In this article, we will guide you through how to buy treasury bills with MTN Mobile Money (MoMo).

What are Treasury Bills? 

Treasury bills (T-Bills) are short-term money market instruments issued by the Bank of Ghana (BOG) for its own account or on behalf of the Ghana Government.

This is a typical strategy governments employ to borrow money from residents for development objectives.

Types of Treasury Bills in Ghana

The types of treasury bills listed on the Ghanaian money market are as follows:

  • 91-day (3 months) Treasury Bill
  • 182-day (6 months) Treasury Bill
  • 1 and 2-Year Treasury Notes
  • 3 and 5-Year Bonds

With the commencement of the weekly wholesale auction, advertisements for available instruments will be placed in national newspapers. Currently accessible instruments include the 91-day and 182-day treasury bills, as well as the 1-year and 2-year notes.

Benefits of Investing in Treasury Bills/Notes

  • Treasury Bills are Risk Free. This is because they are backed by the full faith and credit of the BOG and GOG. Due to this monetary returns are entirely guaranteed.
  • You earn a fixed rate of interest that provides a continuous revenue stream.
  • Statements can be useful when applying for visas.
  • They can be used as collateral for a loan.
  • They can easily be sold or discounted.
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Who is Eligible to Buy Treasury Bills? 

  • Treasury Bills and notes are available for sale to all Ghanaian citizens, institutions, and foreign residents in Ghana and abroad.
  • Anyone above the age of 18 can purchase Treasury bills. However, you can purchase T-Bills for a minor and hold them in trust. Additionally, it can be kept in trust for family, friends, or organizations.

How To Buy Treasury Bills with MTN Mobile Money (MoMo)

Kindly follow the steps below to successfully buy treasury bills using MTN Mobile Money:

  • First Dial *170#
  • Then Press 5 for Financial Services
  • Enter 4 for Pension and Investments
  • Enter 2 Buy Treasury Bills
  • After, Select 2 to Apply
  • Choose Tenure
  • Enter Amount
  • Select or Approve Next of KIN
  • Then Select 1 to proceed with payment
  • Then input your MM PIN
  • Finally, You will receive a notification for a successful transaction

How to Register for a Treasury Bill Account with MTN Mobile Money

With buying a treasury bill, you can also create a treasury bill account with MTN Mobile Money and then proceed to buy the bill afterwards. Follow the steps below to know how to register:

  1. First Dial *170#
  2. Then Press 5 for financial services
  3. After, Select 4 for pensions and investment
  4. Press 2 for treasury bills
  5. Select 1 to register
  6. Over here, Enter your full name and send
  7. Then Enter your next of Kin’s name
  8. Enter your next of Kin’s phone number

What is the minimum amount that of T-Bill that can be bought? 

Treasury Bills (T-Bills) can be acquired at a minimum of 500 Ghana cedis.


We believe by now, you have been educated on how to buy treasury bills in Ghana with MTN Mobile Money (MoMo). Kindly note that buying treasury bills are risk free. T-Bills are backed by the full faith and credit of the BOG and GOG. Due to this monetary returns are entirely guaranteed.

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