How Often Do You Have To Change a Car’s Oil?


Owning a car comes along with many hassles which does not exclude oil changes. This been said, oil changes play a vital role in maintaining your car’s good shape.

Failure to change your car’s oil on time with the recommended products could cause your car’s warranty to get voided.

How Often Do You Have To Change a Car’s Oil?

According to car experts, the change must be carried out once in an interval of 3 months or after every 3000 miles or 4828 km covered by your ride. Changing your car’s oil more frequently than necessary doesn’t help or harm your car in anyway.

It just goes down as a waste of money. Oil changes can also be done based on some factors specific to the driver and his ride primarily based on driving habits.

Below are some recommended intervals by experts:

1. Changing every 1000 miles(1069 km):

Experts recommend that if your driving routine consists of journeys that are 10 miles (10km) or less then you should consider a more frequent change than that of every 3000 miles for the following reasons:

  • The oil breaks down faster when you’re not making long trips at high speeds because your engine won’t get hot enough to boil off condensation accumulated in the system.
  • More frequent oil changes helps to minimize the damage created from the wear and tear on your car’s engine which arises when you’re starting your car and also if you don’t drive long distance. Such activities act hard on your engine hence a frequent oil change helps very much.
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2. Change as frequently as recommended by the car’s manufacturer:

Some experts also suggests that the change after every 3000 miles is only beneficial to the shops that change oil since the higher the frequency the more money they make. Many surveys conducted proves that car owners usually go in for oil change usually after 5000 to 7500 miles of driving. It’s advisable to stick to what the manufacturer of your ride recommends.


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