Wednesday, November 30, 2022

How a yahoo boy used Pawpaw’s image to scam a white client


Pictures showing how a daring yahoo boy used Nollywood actor, Pawpaw’s image to scam his white client has surfaced online.

Recently, a yahoo boy (an online con artist) used photos of comedian Osita Iheme, better known by his stage name Pawpaw, to promote his fraudulent activities online.

The persistent yahoo boy used a picture of Pawpaw in the hospital to convince the trusting white person that his son was seriously ill and required immediate financial assistance to cover the costs of his treatment.

A screenshot posted online purportedly showed the young man saying that Pawpaw was his hospitalized son.

He stated that he does not have the $3,000 required to pay for the medical care as requested by the doctors.

Screenshot of how Nollywood Actor Pawpaw’s image was used by a yahoo boy to scam a white client 

In other news, a sad incident trending has it that the Pregnant woman who was caught sometime ago for cheating on her husband with a pastor has committed suicide over public ridicule and internet trolls.

Martha, the pregnant woman received harsh attention on social media last week and as a result of the backlash, she reportedly committed suicide. It has been reported on by a number of Zambian media outlets.

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