Hajia4Real to Supposedly face trial and jail term for fraud


Ghanaian female musician, Hajia4Real had been reported to supposedly face trial and a 10 year jail term for fraud.

Social media users with keen eyes spotted the electronic band she was wearing, which was intended to help authorities track her movements.

Hajia4Real seems to fit the profile of the some target people whom such GPS-enabled devices are attached to.

New social media footage of Hajia4Real relaxing in the UK reveals that she is wearing an ankle tracker.

She tried to be stealthy by stowing the device in her knee-high boots, but the device was too big to remain undetected. The implanted tracking device in her left leg made that leg look bloated and larger than the other.

In light of the most recent developments involving Hajia4real, there are unconfirmed reports that a move to the United States for the socialite is in the works.

This rumor originated from two social media users who are widely regarded to be in possession of genuine information about the current Hajia4Real issue which allegedly says she could face trial and jail term.

According to Snapchat users Realsenatoreze1 and King Charles III, Hajia4Real will be extradited to the United States and given a minimum sentence of ten years in prison.

Despite what was reported last year and what has since come to light, Hajia4Real has insisted that she is a free woman who is not under the surveillance of the UK authorities.


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