Government Brings Back road toll: New Suggested rates


Government Brings Back road toll: New Suggested rates.

The government of Ghana has brought back the payment of road tolls back into the system and they have suggested new rates as they make amendments to fees and charges.

With the introduction of the budget in November 2021, the Finance Minister declared that, pending the consent of Parliament, road toll collecting will be discontinued.

The Minister of Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako-Attah, surprisingly hurried to order the immediate cessation of toll collecting on all public roads and bridges.

Last year, during the reading of the 2023 budget presented to Parliament, Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta made a U-turn to announced that road tolls will be reintroduced.

The government has recently announced the reinstatement of roll toll collection via a publicized news release, citing the Act and Budget Statement and Economic Policy of 2022.

For his part, Deputy Roads Minister Stephen Jalulah explained to defend the new development that the government decided to reinstate road toll because the E-levy is not generating enough money.

Government Brings Back road toll: New Suggested rates

According to the document seen online, the proposed rise amounts to an average of 88.05%.

With the proposed rates for road tolls, heavy buses would pay GH2.00, light buses would pay GH1.50 instead of GH1.00, cars would pay GH1.00 instead of GHp50, motorcycles would pay GH0.50 instead of GH0.10, and Pick-ups/4WDs would pay GH1.50 instead of GH1.00. Kindly find full details below:

New proposed rates for the reintroduced road tolls


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