Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment Stages and Screening Process 2022/2023


Here is all you need to know about the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Recruitment Stages and Screening Process for the 2022/2023 Recruitment exercise.

The Management of the Ghana Armed forces has released forms for the 2022/2023 Recruitment exercise. The sale of Forms is expected to end on July 10, 2022. After which, text messages will be sent to all qualified applicants to report and continue the recruitment process.

About the Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment Stages and Screening Process 2022/2023

The Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment Stages and Process for the 2022/2023 exercise consist of the necessary stages an applicant must go through to finally be selected for training. Below here, we have detailed the full processes involved from start to the final selection.

Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment Process 2022/2023

Interested applicants will first have to purchase an e-voucher from any accredited post office and fill online.

After the online application, qualified candidates get a text message informing them to continue with the rest of the recruitment process. Then come the following steps:

Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment (Screening) Stages 

Stage 1: Documentation and Body Selection 

Successful applicants ate invited to a specific venue (usually Burma Camp, Accra) for them them to present all relevant personal and academic certifications.

Documents of applicants are inspected to verify authenticity and correlation to initial data entered while applying online.

Applicants should be aware that, if any falsehoods are found in their credentials, they will be dealt with in the most severe manner possible.

How to Pass the Ghana Armed Forces Document Authentication stage?

To pass the Ghana Immigration Service Document Authentication stage, applicants will have to present Original copies and photocopies of the following for inspection;

  • Confirmation PDF/ Printout
  • Birth Certificate
  • BECE Certificate
  • WASSCE Certificate
  • NVTI/HND/DEGREE/MASTERS Certificate (Where Applicable)
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After successfully verifying your Details, next is Body Selection.

Body Selection is also where applicants are invited for a full body inspection to ascertain their physique according to Ghana Immigration Service standards and requirements.

This process is needed to ensure absence of tattoos and flat foot, excessive body building, double ear pierces for females and exposed varicose veins, amongst others. After passing the body selection stage, applicants will now be advanced to aptitude test. Read on How to get recruited into Ghana Armed Forces without Protocol

Stage 2: Aptitude Test 

Candidates at this level are put through a series of simple but strategic questions in an exam setting. The purpose of this exercise is to gauge a candidate’s mental agility and ability to solve problems of a practical nature in a limited amount of time. Candidates who pass the aptitude test will move to the next stage.

Stage 3: Outdoor Leadership Test (OLT) 

To test their abilities as a team player, candidates who advance to this stage are placed in groups of ten and asked to come up with creative solutions to a problem the group is facing quickly. Syndicates are graded on how well they work together to accomplish a common goal. Candidates must train on their own to reach a sufficient level of fitness for OLT, which requires some level physical work.

Stage 4: Medical Examination (Medicals) 

Candidates who get to this stage must go though the 37 Military Hospital’s rigorous medical screening process. In accordance with Ghana Armed Forces standards, the candidate’s total fitness is assessed across every part of the candidate’s body and system. This is  Medical examination results determine whether or not a candidate progresses to the next round.

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Stage 5: Interview 

This is the final stage of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) screening process, and over here, candidates who get to this stage meet a panel of Senior Military Officers. The Senior officers question the  candidates to see if they are suitable and prepared for the Ghana Military Academy.

Potential Cadets are tested on a variety of subjects related to their chosen branch of service. At this point, the candidate must be confident and meticulous in his or her vocal presentations to the panel. Read on How to get recruited into Ghana Armed Forces without Protocol

Candidates (Potential Cadets) who successfully complete the Ghana Armed Forces Screening Process or stages will be notified and will receive the Joining Instructions and the reporting date to the Ghana Military Academy after the final selection has been made.

How long does it take for a candidate to get selected into the Ghana Military Academy? 

About 5 months or more. Applications who would like to join the Ghana Armed forces should have it in mind that the recruitment process usually takes not less than 5 months to finally get shortlisted into the Ghana Military Academy.


Above explained are the Recruitment Stages and Screening Process of Ghana Armed Forces 2022/2023. With a total of Five (5) stages after filling the online application, applicants who wish to join the Ghana Armed Forces are expected to successfully pass through all these stages. Applicants who fail to pass any of the stages will not be shortlisted for the next stage and eventually, miss the chance to join the Armed Forces.

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