Efya kissing Fella Makafui on the lips raises eyebrows


People have always alleged singer Efya is into women. As much as the claim is unsubstantiated, many people will not hesitate to even grasp straws on the least Efya does. Netizens have reacted to a video of Efya kissing Fella Makafui on the lips.

Efya kissing Fella Makafui on the lips raises eyebrows among netizens in a video emanating from Hajia4Real’s lavish birthday party.

One of the events that has received the most attention on social media recently is the 30th birthday celebration that well-known Ghanaian socialite Mona4Reall aka Hajia4Reall hosted.

Many well-known figures from Ghana’s entertainment sector joined Mona and her friends from all around the world at the celebration on Sunday night to celebrate her special day.

The main attractions of the birthday party included the decorations that Mona employed, her numerous gowns, the cake, and the surprising abundance of women in attendance.

The moment award-winning artist Efya and Medikal’s wife Fella Makafui decided to kiss is another that has social media fans talking.

Even though it was a brief kiss, many online users were taken aback by the two adorable women’s decision to kiss on the lips.

View the video here:

In another news Kuami Eugene, a multi-award-winning artist, claimed in an interview that practically every other artist had a “beef” with him.

Kuami Eugene claims that many individuals enjoy picking fights with him in order to grab his attention. He continued by saying that many individuals in the industry taunt him because they are aware of how he will respond.

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“If you travel to Ghana, you will find that practically everyone has an issue with me as an artist. I believe this because I am always present, he replied.

Attack Kuami because they know I’m going to respond to you, he continued. “You need buzz, it’s me; if you need buzz, like one week’s attention for everyone to get involved in the conversation, attack Kuami.”

The artist may have changed his mind about responding to beefs, though. Kuami Eugene revealed on Adom TV’s Badwam Ahosepe that he has altered his opinion regarding beefing other people in the profession.

So recently, he explained, “I mean, I informed Management I have changed and right now I won’t mind anyone anymore.”

The musician said that he will be in the studio working on a hit song, so he has no time to waste on those who want to quarrel with him.

“They talk about me on air, but what I don’t know is to waste time in the studios insulting someone else,” he said.

Efya kissing Fella Makafui on the lips raises eyebrows 


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