Education Minister of Congo “Accidentally” Impregnates Deputy


Education Minister of Congo “Accidentally” Impregnates Deputy.

Tony Mwaba Kazadi, the Primary Secondary and Technical Education (EPST) minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), has allegedly impregnated his deputy minister, Aminata Namasia, with the claim it was a workplace accident that occurred.

Aminata was sworn in on April 12, 2021, as the National Deputy Minister of Primary, Secondary, and Technical Education in the cabinet of Jean-michel Sama Lukonde of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Tony and Amina get along very well. Despite being married separately, they reportedly developed strong affections for one other at work.

Journalist Lungila John of the Democratic Republic of the Congo took to Twitter to disclose the pregnancy that resulted from an affair between the two government officials.

The people of DRC have voiced harsh critiques of the couple, saying that they are setting a horrible example and showing a lack of values.

However, Aminata has addressed the rumors on her Twitter account. She suggested everyone should give her space outside of work and public obligations. That’s a constitutional privilege that every citizen of the Congo enjoys.

Aminata stated it was unacceptable for people to make fun of her since it would damage not just her commitments but also the reputations of her married male coworkers and their families.

Watch video HERE.

Still, several locals didn’t buy her explanation that it all had to do with her personal life.

Education Minister of Congo “Accidentally” Impregnates Deputy

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