Dr UN and the New IGP


Due to his serious approach to capturing lawbreakers, the new IGP, George Akuffo-Dampare, is currently hailed in Ghana.

There has been no news on those who disobey the law or those who utilize their financial resources to bribe police officers to get out of jail since the old IGP left office, until the advent of George Dampare.

Since being appointed as the new IGP, he has made every effort to apprehend those who violate the law.

He typically opposes famous individuals who collect fortune on behalf of the Ghanaian people.

Many have come before him, but none have taken the initiative to fight for what is right.

Numerous renowned figures have been are taken on following his arrival as IGP. This includes the recent case of Shatta Wale, who feigned a story and was in police grip for sometime. Which is why people ask, “what will happen to DR. UN, who has stated that he will honor the IGP for his outstanding work?”

There have been rumors that DR. UN, Kwame Fordjour is a fraud.
According to others, who he claims to be and what he does are all fabrications to get popularity.

The Dr UN Story

And as part of his schemes, he presented notable individuals with phony prizes; this is an event that occurred last year in 2020.

He staged a sham ceremony in which he presented accolades to important individuals in the name of the late General Secretary, Kofi Annan.

Numerous renowned figures were spotted there, and they were all given awards, this explains why he became popular on the internet.

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Now, if he is a con artist and want to honor the new IGP for his outstanding work; shouldn’t he be pleading with the IGP to arrest him?

Because the new IGP’s first focus has been on apprehending corrupt officials and individuals who defraud others.

All evidence to date indicates that Dr. UN is a fraud, and he continues to seek to grant an award to the IGP.

So will the New IGP take him on?

This is the question we must ask ourselves in order to determine who the scammers truly are.

Without a doubt, I believe the IGP will deal with DR. UN. The IGP’s actions demonstrate that he pays no special attention to anyone.

Which is why it is critical for Ghana to recognize and use these individuals in our defense ministry to assist in scouting out the evil guys in our country. ‚Äč


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