Did PornHub wish Mawulorm?


Did PornHub wish Mawulorm?

News that has been in the trends for some moments now had it that a young man named Mr. Mawulorm from Volta Region of Ghana had been allegedly wished on his Happy Birthday by a popular explicit content viewing site, Pornhub.

According to the image circulating, he has honored on his birthday because he is the top viewer all the way from Volta Region, Ghana.

The image, at a glance, looks real and almost true but through further checks to verify the truths, THEVIRALGIST has now confirmed that the message or image is false. The claim, along with a screenshot of an alleged message posted by Pornhub, has been making the rounds on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Some curious curious people had questioned if the message about wishing Mawulorm did really come from Pornhub.

Pornhub Wishing their Top Viewer from Ghana is False

There are several reasons why this is not true:

  • To begin, Pornhub does not have an official Facebook account, ruling out the possibility that the post was made by the company itself.
  • Secondly, there are no telltale signs of an official Pornhub message in the questioned message. This message does not reflect Pornhub’s professional standards as it is badly worded and contains grammatical errors.
  • Also, there has been no formal notification from Pornhub regarding Mawulorm from Volta Ghana, suggesting that the claim is false. It’s possible that the viewing platform would have released a statement acknowledging such a major achievement if it had occurred.
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It’s important to keep in mind that disinformation and fake news abound on social media. As this is the case, it is essential to verify data before spreading it. Spreading misinformation can cause, fear, panic, be dangerous to people’s mental health and can be detrimental to the reputations of both individuals and businesses.

Did PornHub wish Mawulorm?


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