Church issues Certificate of Virginity to Ladies after Pastor’s Inspection


Church reportedly issues Certificate of Virginity to Ladies after Pastor’s Inspection.

A church in South Africa has reportly issued a certificate of virginity to female members after the head pastor had subjected the ladies to test.

The name of the Church as boldly written on the certificate of virginity is Nazareth Baptist Church located at Ebuhleni, northern part of Durban in South Africa.

According to reports, practice was carried out in a bid to promote chastity among the ladies in the society. The free virginity test was carried out on ladies who attend their church and are 18 years and above.


Reports say that it is usually an annual event or initiative that is carried out by the church, and at the end of the exercise, Certificates are awarded. Certificate of Virginity is awarded to the successful ladies and also, a white mark is given on the forehead. Every year, the ladies look forward to that event.

When discussing the topic online, many people have wondered how the pastors are able to identify members who are either virgins or not, and the pastor’s method of doing so is widely discussed.

Interestingly, the ladies are tested in the middle of every year and the certificate issued by the church usually expires by the middle of the next year, when the church conducts its next virginity test.

So candidates who would like to validate or renew their certificate might have to conduct the test again.

This year’s test was conducted recently and certificates of virginity were given to the successful female candidates. The leader of Nazareth Baptist Church and the expert who performed the test have both signed the certificate certifying its authenticity.

Church issues Certificate of Virginity to Ladies after Pastor’s Inspection

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Certificate of Virginity in South Africa


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