Black Sherif has a hand in my daughter’s death – Clementina’s Father Alleges


“Black Sherif has a hand in my daughter’s death” Clementina’s Father Alleges as he drags Black Sherif for using her daughter’s name for his song “Oh Paradise”.

The sensational artiste, Black Sherif has recently released a song “Oh Paradise” in memory of his late girlfriend, Clementina Konadu back in high school. This song went viral and touched the hearts of many who listened to the song.

Even as he has been commended by many for writing such an emotional song for his first love, it seems the father of Black Sherif’s late girlfriend is unhappy with the song the musician made in her honor.

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In an interview with Abro, the Ckementina’s father, Clement Kofi Adu Boufour claimed that Black Sherif is defaming his late daughter’s memory as well as the family’s reputation. He denied the rumors that Black Sherif dated his daughter and called out for Black Sherif to come and explain how he dated his daughter.

He went on to say that he doesn’t think Black Sherif dated or had a relationship with his daughter because he never saw him at the funeral grounds when she was laid in state. Moreover, he added that her daughter never told him she had a boyfriend in School before she suddenly passed away.

In addition, he demanded that Black Sherif reveal the truth about his relationship with her daughter or face prosecution himself for possible complicity in his daughter’s untimely death.

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Black Sherif was never known in the family as being in a relationship with my daughter yet, he sings a song for her after 5 years telling the world she was his girlfriend. He should come and explain how my daughter became his girlfriend else, I can confidently say Black Sherif has a hand in my daughter’s death” Clementina’s Father stated.

Black Sherif has a hand in my daughter’s death – Clementina’s Father Alleges

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Many netizens have commented to defend Black Sherif on this topic that on the side of relationship, the Clementina’s father could be getting it wrong because per the Ghanaian culture, it is not that easy or possible for a 16 or 17 year old lady or teenager to tell her parents that she has a boyfriend. They could have been dating but parents knew nothing about it.

Secondly, Black Sherif was a High School Kid who was probably in school and had nothing to offer at that time.

On another side too, the song could make family members remember the pain of loosing their daughter and the fact that they didn’t know Black Sherif could have been the cause of anger, others reacted.

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