BECE 2023 Timetable Released


Students in their final year of Junior High School (JHS) can now consult the BECE 2023 Timetable that has officially been released by the West African Examination Council, WAEC. 

The final year or form 3 Junior High School (JHS) candidates and parents will be able to use the BECE 2023 Timetable to review all of the the recommended materials learnt. Candidates who were repairs and pass this exams will be able to apply for admission into their preferred Senior High Schools (SHS).

These are the dates, times, and locations for the Junior High School (JHS) BECE 2023, which will be held from Monday, August 7th, through Friday, August 11th. The BECE exams is one that is being administered every year to students and same with the release of timetables every year. This year’s news was announced in a statement and published by the West African Examination Council, WAEC. 

The 2023 BECE Timetable 


Monday, 7thAugust, 2023


Religious and Moral Education 2



Religious and Moral Education 1



10.00 a.m. 10.45 a.m.


English Language 2



English Language 1



Tuesday, 8thAugust, 2023


Integrated Science 2(Essay)


Integrated Science 1



10.15 a.m. 11.00 a.m.


Ghanaian Language

and Culture 2(Essay)


1.00 p.m. 2.00 p.m.


Ghanaian Language

and Culture 1(Objective)


2.00 p.m. 2.45 p.m.

Wednesday, 9thAugust, 2023


Social Studies 1



10.00 a.m. 10.45 a.m.


Basic Design andTechnology 2



1.00 p.m. 2.15 p.m.


Basic Design andTechnology 1(Objective)


2.15 p.m. 2.55 p.m.

Thursday, 10thAugust, 2023


10.00 a.m. 11.00 a.m.


Information and CommunicationTechnology 2



1.00 p.m. 2.15 p.m.


Information and CommunicationTechnology 1



2.15 p.m. 3.00 p.m.


BECE 2023 Timetable PDF Download 

Parents and candidates who wish to download the official BECE timetable can do so by clicking on this download button

About WAEC

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is a statutory body tasked with determining the examinations necessary for the general good in English-speaking West African Countries.

The goal of the Council is to establish a system of tests and certifications that are on par with those established by other international examining bodies.


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