Amazing Role At Savannah Fruits Company


An amazing role is now available at Savannah Fruits Company. SFC is looking for a Quality Assurance Analyst to join its growing team and help improve their processes and better serve our customers.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Define and enforce quality processes in line with the company’s internal standards and certification requirements.
  • Make plans and processes for testing and keeping an eye on products to make sure that all quality requirements are met.
  • Also, Use third-party labs to test your goods to make sure they meet the quality requirements of the company’s standard.
  • Shared quality reports should be kept up-to-date and given to top management on a daily basis.
  • Then, Lead quality training for co-ops that make shea nuts, shea butter, coconut oil, and soap to help them understand SFC quality standards better.
  • Develop test goods (research and development for cosmetics) and work with other members of the management team to make sure that standard procedures are followed at every stage of product development.
  • Keep and improve the level of everything.
  • Respond to questions from clients and make sure all surveys are filled out and returned on time.
  • Help the boss of certification get Certificates of Inspection (COI) and Transaction Certificates (TC) for each container on time.
  • Prepare Certificates of Analysis (COA) for clients on time by using analysis data from outside labs.
  • Keep COAs properly filled out based on production and sales, and make them easy for the certification and sales teams to find.
  • Set up a quality control lab in Ghana to test the PV, color, and feel of shea butter and other oils.
  • Lead the way that ISO9001 standard processes are put into place throughout the SFC supply chain. Make sure that all areas are aware of how changes are being made in line with the ISO9001 standard.
  • Keep all SFC working papers properly filled out and make sure they follow ISO9001 procedures.
  • Help put together all the paperwork for internal and external exams for ISO9001, Fair for Life, Organic, URSA, and other certifications.
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Skills or Experience Needed:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in Food Science Technology or Biochemistry.
  • At least 3 years of experience working in the cosmetics and/or food processing industries in a way that got better over time.
  • Having experience with the rules of ISO9001 is a plus.
  • Proven experience with the standards for NOP and/or EOS certification.
  • Experience making makeup and soap
  • Having a strong commitment to business goals and schedules.
  • Proven record of working in a lab and the ability to figure out what the results of a study mean.
  • Strong desire to work with a team and the ability to do so with little or no direction.

Other Requirements:

  • It will be helpful if you can learn Dagbani, Twi, or another local language in northern Ghana.
  • Candidates who are women are strongly invited to apply.

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  • SFC is an equal opportunity employer that pays fairly based on a person’s experience and success
  • They also provide employees with health insurance benefits and any other benefits that are needed by law.


The job is full-time and will be based in Tamale. There is a chance that the person will have to travel to our other processing centers in northern Ghana.

How To Forward Applications To the Amazing Role At Savannah Fruits Company

Send your application and CV (saved as a PDF with your name, eg. CV_Quality Assurance Analyst_Kofi Mensah) to [email protected]

Deadline: May 31, 2023

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