All Ghanaian artists are now useless because of Black Sherif


The internet has been roiled by the comments of controversial rapper Archipalago that the rise of Black Sherif has rendered all Ghanaian artists in Ghana useless.

It’s not surprising that Archipalago, who is notoriously divisive, would cause a ruckus in Ghana’s artistic community with his latest interview.

In an interview with Zion Felix for this episode of Uncut, Archipalago thanked ZionFelix for his encouragement of his music career and the promotion of some of his songs on ZionFelix’s various channels.

Archipalago continued by saying that Black Sherif, a relatively new musician in Ghana, has rendered everyone else in the Ghanaian field of music useless.

Those who aren’t signed to a major label, says Archipalago, have little chance of making it big. He explained that Black Sherif’s success and breakthrough into the international market were possible because Black Sherif is signed to one of the top record labels in the business, Black Empire.

Ahmed Ismail Sherif Mohammed Black Sherif, whose real name is Kwaku Frimpong, is a famous rapper and singer from Ghana. He was born on January 9, 2002. In May of 2021, he released the song “First Sermon,” which catapulted him to fame. Another sermon, titled “Second Sermon,” was released in July which made the internet go haywire.

The young act has since impressed many people in Ghana and abroad with his music and sense of fashion.

All Ghanaian artists are now useless because of Black Sherif

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