All about COLA for Teachers in Ghana


Here’s everything you need to know about COLA for teachers in Ghana. The details of the much talked about COLA, as well as its implementation and payment, are outlined in the following section.

What then is COLA for Teachers? 

COLA stands for Cost Of Living Allowance. In the event that government employee salary cannot be increased immediately, they are given a short-term benefit of allowance known as COLA For Teachers.

As a result, payments of COLA for teachers are halted as soon as their salaries increase.

Demand of Teachers

The Teachers Union are pushing for an increase to their salaries. In light of the government’s financial constraints, it would be nearly impossible for it to raise teachers’ salaries by the 20% they are requesting. Because of this, the teachers’ unions are pushing further for a COLA.

Why COLA for Teachers in Ghana? 

This idea came up probably because of the constantly depreciating and the rising cost of living in the country.

Since increment of salaries would be difficult, it’s easier to get the government to pay a 20% COLA for teachers than a 20% raise in salary because the COLA is only temporary and can be canceled as soon as there is an increase in wages.

Also, if the IMF places an embargo on public sector salary increases as a condition, the COLA will not be impacted.

COLA For Teachers is not a new issue in Ghana, and this is not the first time it has come up. Governments in the past have paid COLA for up to three years without raising salaries. It was removed when salaries were raised.

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