A Cleaner Abroad Is More Important Than a PhD Holder In Ghana


“A Cleaner Abroad Is More To Family Members Important Than a PhD Holder In Ghana”. This is a startling statement from the CEO of Last Chance Travel and Tour, Obofour.

According to him, a cleaner in Poland is more important to family members than a PhD holder in Ghana, especially when a family issue requires financial assistance.

Obofour made these remarks in the studios of Pure FM studios in Kumasi.

He stated that it’s important to travel abroad because one can make money to make a living regardless of the person’s educational background. Judging from the strength of currency and the availability of jobs to do, probably could be the more reason why he made his remarks. He added, however, going abroad doesn’t guarantee one’s success but the probability is very high.

As a result, he advised people to take advantage of any opportunity to travel outside their country without hesitation and to do so as quickly as possible.

He counseled that anytime the opportunity to travel abroad presented itself, one should not wait and should instead act swiftly.

A Cleaner Abroad Is More Important Than a PhD Holder In Ghana – Watch Video Below: 

A BBC survey of more than 4,500 young Africans between the ages of 18 and 24 revealed that 52 percent of them are likely to consider emigrating in the next years, citing economic difficulties and educational prospects as the primary reasons.

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