24 year old Female makes history as she passes virginity test


A South African female who is 24 years old has made history and also stunned many people as she has recently passed a virginity test, and her certificate is now available online.

As a result of an online post about to celebrate  her virginity, the South African lady has gotten a flood of positive comments and compliments for her fear of chastity.

The 24 year old female just passed the Sivuselela Amasiko Trust’s virginity test, leading to this announcement as some refer to as history in the making. Taking a virginity test is the norm in various African countries, particularly South Africa.

Virginity exams are given to women aged 18 and up to promote chastity.

After a woman has been subjected to the society’s rigorous virginity examination and has been found to be completely spotless with all of her “petals firmly in place and unplucked,” she is awarded a certificate of virginity from the group. Last year, a Church issued Certificate of Virginity to Ladies after Pastor’s Inspection.

Images of the lovely woman posted online portray her as having recently received her certificate attesting to the fact that she has successfully maintained her chaste lifestyle despite intense social pressure.

She suggested that other ladies follow her lead and postpone sexual intercourse until after they had tied the knot.


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